Investment Philosophy

Vengrove makes opportunistic direct investments across all real estate types located in the UK. Our investment philosophy is to be research led, disciplined and obsessive about adding value at both the transactional level as well as throughout the hold period.


Vengrove’s investment activity is underpinned by an innovative and forward thinking approach to research. This research results in a heightened understanding of discreet market fundamentals. Our market connectivity ensures that we are able to build on this analysis by identifying and executing multiple investment strategies simultaneously.


We are focused on delivering superior risk adjusted returns by maintaining a strict investment criteria and forensic attention to detail. Although we maintain a flat, entrepreneurial structure, all occupational and investment decisions are carefully considered by the committee and extensively scrutinised prior to execution.


Vengrove targets assets with identifiable but correctable impairments to value (i.e. those with latent asset management and capex requirements, requiring restructuring, re-leasing, recapitalisation and / or redevelopment). These value-added investments have significantly more intensive asset management and capex requirements and benefit from our close quarter, dynamic, highly experienced asset management platform.

We excel at sourcing investment opportunities that rely on collaborating with institutional quality tenants. This collaborative investment approach enables us to diminish risk and increase value simultaneously at the point of completion.